• Volunteering to Serve

    We've all found ourselves in a place without really knowing how we got there. This has never rang more true than in my life. On the one hand the golden apple of how far I have come from roots entrenched deeply in the soil of poverty and need to a place of financial blessing and benefit. On the other hand finding myself in a place where I don't recognize my own laughter, time that is tolled by which medication should be taken to regulate feelings of depression and lack of worth.
  • My Mother's God

    My mother's God also liked to hear a lot of prayers. I remember that when we had very little in the way of material possessions, my mother bought a round wooden prayer table. She put it in our otherwise sparsely furnished house. Although you could pray anywhere, at any time, she thought it appropriate to have a spot that you could come to in the home -- almost like an altar.
  • Change Your Music

    If we were to look at the events of David’s life we might focus in on his sins, concluding the cause of his despair was an unclean heart, a break in the purity of his relationship with God. While that all may be very true, of primary importance to us today is an understanding of what David did with his despair. Ultimately, what we see from the 73 Psalms he wrote, from the 4000 musicians he employed, from instruments that he commissioned, is that David changed the music.
  • Airbrushing

    While it flies in the face of my desire for face value, I think I am finally starting to
    see God's purpose for "airbrushing". As much as we would like to understand all of His mysteries, his complete plan for our lives, the reality is that we just aren't there yet. Seriously. I'd like to think that I'd play it cool if God gave me complete knowledge to some deep topic or his exact calling for my life, but historically speaking it probably wouldn't go so well.
  • What Kind of Israelite Would You Have Been?

    Oh don't laugh....you....the scheduler. Sure, the signs were enough. You are on board. This is clearly what God is telling you to do. If only we can find a convenient time in the schedule. Right now we've got to harvest the crops....and the children have hunting lessons....and of course very busy with the pyramid revitalization committee.
  • Standing in a Forest: What I Now Know as "Pre-Jection"

    The forest swallowed up more men than the sword. It was the density of the trees that essentially caught Absalom's armies. Absalom himself was trying to flee through the forest when his hair caught in a branch, leaving him hanging for ultimate capture
  • The Sweet Spot

    In thinking about the center of percussion it made me realize that we are often looking to find the same center in life. We are waiting to have children until the "right time." We wait to make a career change until the "right time."
  • Stay in the Conversation

    It is an incredible outcome for a situation that begin with a simply request for water. I wonder, however, had I been this woman would I have missed this encounter, the end result? I see so many points in the story where I would have exited stage left.
  • What's the Plan?

    A thick and dreadful darkness. I can feel it. Can you? It connects me with a sense of being lost with a feeling of omen. Knowing God's plan, his promise, didn't provide the clarity that I had always assumed.
  • Role, Capacity & Function - Changing What We Think We Know

    As I think back of the book of John, I realize that even though the words run the spectrum of the call of the apostles to a blind man gaining sight to the resurrection of Jesus, everything ties together as a continuing unspoken challenge that Jesus was issuing to his disciples using unlikely characters, miracles and oddities - perhaps like this cow standing alone in a jungle.