Pictured here is the Babolat 105 tennis racquet.  Touted as having the "sweetest spot".  As I am a "let's just get the ball back over the net and see where it goes" sort of player, I had not quite considered the fact that there is indeed an manufactured ideal place to connect the racket with the ball.  Connecting in this area, also referred to as the "center of percussion", results in the best feel and greater stability for the stroke.

In thinking about the center of percussion it made me realize that we are often looking to find the same center in life.  We are waiting to have children until the "right time."  We wait to make a career change until the "right time."  We stay away from decisions that feel scary, sitting on the sidelines until all storm clouds are away and the horizon is stable.  In reality, it is all just waiting until we find the ideal connection between where we are at and where we would like to be.

Our notions that there is a proper timing for everything are not without Biblical precedent.  Abraham's wife Sarah, for example, in the presence of a direct prophecy from God, laughed and decided that she was too old to have a child.  In her mind the timing wasn't right.  The prophet Jeremiah, in the midst of receiving his mission and mandate from God responded that he was too young to take on such a calling.  The prodigal son felt at liberty to accelerate the timing of his inheritance.  Even the priest Zechariah, felt he was too old when told his wife Elizabeth would give birth to the son we know as John the Baptist.  Story after story of human efforts to find the sweet spot of life's timing -- often to disastrous results. 

Think about the tennis racquet for a moment.  True there is a sweet spot.  Experienced players know, however, that just below the center of percussion is the power zone.  Connecting with the ball in this area results in a great deal of power which can be difficult to control for an inexperienced player.  In the hands of an expert player these strokes can be unreturnable.

Our God is an expert in connecting our times with our purpose; even when events seem as though they are striking outside of the ideal time or place.  We should daily remember, like David in Psalm 31:5, that our times are in God's hands.