The Israelites. What comes to mind? 40 years? The wilderness? Moses? The plagues? Surely the list could become quite lengthy. Have you ever wondered what sort of Israelite you would have been when faced with the notion of fleeing hard labor in Egypt to the unknown of the wilderness?

I like to think that I would have been a really great Israelite. I am, after all, that person who is always ready for the spur of the moment road trip or last minute lunch plans. I don't like to schedule things out too far in fact - even medical appointments. I realize this is a hindrance in today's jam-packed society, but it would have been an awesome trait had Moses showed up at my tent with a plan to flee Egypt. There I would have been, me and my favorite Brioni travel bag. Of course once I had gotten on the trip, Moses probably would have regretted my coming along. I would have been full of suggestions of great stops, more efficient ways to move large cargo, an organizational map of how to keep track of each traveling family. Yes, I think he would have had enough of me before we reached the Red Sea.

Don't sit there smug though. At least I would have been on the trip. So many others of you would have sat behind in fear. Waiting for a larger sign than oh, say, rods turning into snakes, rivers turning into blood, first born sons being slaughtered. No, it would not have been enough for you. Save God himself appearing before you, not going to make a move until I know for sure until you see the entire plan laid out.

Oh don't scheduler. Sure, the signs were enough. You are on board. This is clearly what God is telling you to do. If only we can find a convenient time in the schedule. Right now we've got to harvest the crops....and the children have hunting lessons....and of course very busy with the pyramid revitalization committee. You could definitely leave Egypt in three months, four days. Yes, you've got it on your calendar now.

What kind of Israelite would you have been? More importantly, what kind of Christian are you now? Jumping into opportunities only to then quickly take the reins from God? You are able to trust him to move, but once things are in motion your "competence" kicks in to take over the details. Maybe you are too scared to move even though the burden of staying where you are is heavy? You would rather wait until the entire plan is laid out. Unfortunately for you, God and life most often do not work out that way. We are called to trust, to have faith. Perhaps you are the Israelite who is simply too busy to really hear when you are being told to "move now?" Your busy work is totally legitimate, but where is the fluidity to respond when you are shown a friend in need, an opportunity to witness or a chance to serve.

Just something to think about as you go throughout this day.